Black Gauze Chair


      Although the ever-changing appearance of furniture reflects the aesthetic pursuits of people in each period. But in the final analysis, the pursuit of functionality in furniture design for household items also reflects the great difference between the East and the West, from living habits to cultural spirit.

      The black gauze cap started in the Jin Dynasty, was established in the Sui Dynasty, and flourished in the Tang Dynasty, then became synonymous with officialdom in the Ming Dynasty. The “Black Gauze Chair” is a reconstruction of the traditional comb-back chair with oriental aesthetics and contemporary living habits. Only the most basic backrest and armrest structure are retained and the rest structure is removed, the round stick shape of the armrest and backrest is added to the Scandinavian design elements, enriching the design details while increasing the comfort level. The dual-dimensional curves of the backrest, armrests and sitting surface are more ergonomic, comfortable and beautiful. The dynamic and streamlined legs echo with it, highlighting the tension of the ” officer’s cap ” and the transparency of the ” gauze “.

    The seat plate is tilted back 2cm and the seating surface is replaced with traditional intangible cultural heritage hand-made rattan weave, which is soft and comfortable.

      The material of the Black Gauze Chair is blood sandalwood, which is hard. The designer presents the leg structure of the chair as finely as possible while ensuring the stability of the force structure of the chair, making the whole chair more bone-like and ethereal.

MaterialBlood sandalwood, Rattan weave

DimensionsL 660 x W 500 x H 770 mm