Chubby Bear Chair

Year : 2022

      The chair is supported by four cylindrical solid wood legs, which may appear slightly bulky and chubby. However, when paired with plush coverings, it presents a friendly and comfortable appearance, resembling a lazy bear in the winter snow. The internal foam sponge provides a soft and comfortable sitting experience. The chair series offers various styles, including single, double, triple, and foot pedals, to meet different matching needs.

Material : Solid wood, Foam sponge, Fabric

Dimensions : (Single) L 1000 x W 860 x H 673 mm
                     (Double) L 1610 x W 860 x H 673 mm
 (Triple) L 2165 x W 860 x H 673 mm
                     (Pedal) L 585 x W 450 x H 400 mm