Crescent Moon Chair

Year :2017

     Although furniture design constantly evolves to reflect changing aesthetics, it remains a daily necessity. The pursuit of functionality in furniture design also reflects the significant differences between Eastern and Western lifestyles and cultural values.

     Chinese furniture highlights the circularity of the sky and the surrounding environment. The armchair’s backrest is circular, while the seating surface is square. The designer merged their research on Nordic furniture with their knowledge of traditional Chinese furniture to create a crescent-shaped chair.

        The Crescent Chair deviates from the traditional square or circular shape of chairs and incorporates ergonomic design to reduce the proportion of the latter. By eliminating the backboard and refining the chair into a multi-dimensional curved surface, the contact area between the chair ring and the back is increased and conforms better to the curve of the back.

         The seat surface’s two-dimensional curve conforms to ergonomics. The chair ring is circular and connected to the armrest, with interwoven lines and surfaces that form a sculptural body language. It fulfills practical functions while also having an aesthetically pleasing form. The seat plate tilts back by 2 centimeters, and the base is made of traditional intangible cultural heritage handmade rattan weaving, which is soft and comfortable.

        The Crescent Chair is made of hardwood, a highly durable material. The designer prioritized the stability of the chair’s load-bearing structure while presenting a finely crafted leg structure, resulting in a bone-like and ethereal appearance.

Material :Bloodwood / Lobular red sandalwood / Siam Rosewood , Rattan weave

Dimensions :L 650 x W 470 x H 730 mm