Duck Table Lamp

Year: 2022  

       The shape of the Duck Table Lamp is inspired by the duck floating on water, and its clean geometric lines outline a vibrant proportional form.

       The Duck Table Lamp has a touch switch, a type-C charging interface and can be fully charged for over ten hours. It can be used as a mobile light source and is suitable for multiple scenes. With its cordless design, this portable table lamp can also be placed anywhere you want to create a cosy glow. You can take it with you on a picnic, a garden dinner, a trip to the mountains or for a moment of reading.

       The Duck Table Lamp is not only a light object, but also a companion in the dark, giving the user an interesting lighting experience. The curved base gives the product the characteristic of a roly-poly toy, when the light is on, the lamp body swings up and the lighting effect of the whole room will also change. Nowadays, most people stay at home for a long time, this cute table lamp can bring them a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

       Many round ball lamps in the market have a similar shape and idea, which is not uncommon. The Duck Table Lamp, the first of the spherical glass lamps on the market that can be shaken, based on the arc construction of the base, the opal glass ball embedded in the base deviates from the centre point. The concise design language outlines the shape, which resembles a charmingly naive duck swimming on the surface of the water. The product has an extremely high recognition value, both in terms of appearance and design concepts.

Material : Cast aluminum, Protein glass

Dimensions : L 300 x W 120 x H 205 mm