Easy Bar Stool

Year: 2021

     The Easy Bar Stool highlights a streamlined shape and the unique texture of natural wood, and the designer has maximized lightness while maintaining the strength and comfort of the product.

     The dimensions and proportions of the bar stool have been repeatedly calculated, and the diameter of the seat has been meticulously considered. The solid wood seat is cut by three-dimensional curved planing and cutting, and the middle of the seat is slightly concave, which has a unique shape and provides comfortable sitting feeling. The round seat and base are joined together by a solid wood column, and the pedestal from round to square is connected to a round stick footrest covered with a metal spacer. The collision of two materials adds a touch of rustic and elegant beauty to the interior.

     Available in 65cm and 75cm heights, the Easy Bar Stool has several options like ash, oak and black walnut. The bar stool can be placed in the home on its own or in groups in restaurants and cafes.

Material: Imported black walnut, Imported oak, Imported ash wood, Metal

Dimensions: (Medium bar stool) L 350 x W 350 x H 650 mm
                      (High bar stool) L 350 x W 350 x H 750 mm