Finland Chair

Year : 2021

       The Finland Chair is characterized by its extreme attention to detail. In the past, most of the chairs with metal legs and wooden backrests were fixed behind the wood by metal structural parts, and then fixed with screws; while the backrest of the Finland chair is CNC engraved. The structure from thick to thin adds subtle changes in detail to this simple chair, with thinner metal support columns welded to the tops of the metal legs, which are inserted into the bottom of the solid wood backrest, eliminating screw holes and highlighting the simplicity of its structure. The slightly sloping angle and wedge-shaped structure combine ergonomics and stability.

      The slim metal tube frame makes it look light and easy to move, and the stackable design makes it easy to store and transport. The seat cushion is available in wood or upholstered, the backrest is available in ash, oak and black walnut, and the metal legs are available in different colours including stainless steel plating and lacquer. Different materials and colors allow this chair to have more combinations, suitable for different scenes.

Material : Imported ash wood, Imported oak, Imported black walnut, Metal

Dimensions : L525 x W485 x H750 mm