Finland Chair

Year : 2021

       Finnish chairs are known for their attention to detail. Unlike traditional chairs with metal legs and wooden backrests that are fixed to the wood with metal components and screws, Finnish chairs have backrests made from a single piece of solid wood that is bent and carved using CNC technology. The gradual thinning of the wood adds subtle yet elegant details to this simple chair. The metal legs are welded to finer metal support columns at the top, which are then inserted into the bottom of the solid wood backrest. This eliminates screw holes and highlights the simplicity of the design. The slightly tilted angle and molded structure balance ergonomics and stability.

       The chair’s slender metal tube frame gives it a lightweight appearance and makes it easy to move. Its stackable design also allows for convenient storage and transportation. The seat cushion can be made of either wood or a soft surface, while the backrest is available in white wax wood, oak, and black walnut. The metal legs come in various colors, including stainless steel electroplating and baking paint. These different materials and colors provide a range of combinations for the chair.

Material : Imported ash wood, Imported oak, Imported black walnut, Metal

Dimensions : L525 x W485 x H750 mm