UFO Pendant Lamp

Year : 2023

       The UFO Pendant Lamp is an indoor lighting fixture that takes inspiration from the appearance of a UFO. It features simple and smooth contour lines, emitting a minimalist industrial aesthetic while maintaining an elegant quality.

      The product comes with a protein glass lampshade, available in frosted or glossy glass options. The metal accessories are available in brass and vintage copper colors, and the assembly method is simple. It is suitable for indoor environments such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and restaurants. The UFO Pendant Lamp emits a soft light through its glass, creating an understated yet beautiful effect. It can be hung in clusters, rows, or as a single light source, adding an artistic and modern atmosphere to any space and making it more eye-catching and personalized.

Material : Opal Glass,Brass

Dimensions : Φ 200 x H 130 mm