King's Chair

Year: 2022

     The backrest and armrests are flat, with square and simple cut corners. The diameter of the three stool legs reaches 10cm. The overall appearance is thick and steady and looks solemn like a throne. When sitting on it people will unconsciously put their hands on the armrests, which looks very aura. Sitting on the feeling and imagination is not the same, is more than imagined ” big ” a lot, the chair is like wrapped around you as the whole person feels very comfortable. The ” tailor-made ” golden ratio can give the user a comfortable sitting.

     This series also has dining chairs, single-seat and double-seat lounge chairs ( four stool legs ), to best present a sophisticated but rustic and natural appearance.

Material : Solid wood, Leather

Dimensions : (Single) L 890 x W 650 x H 720 mm
                     (Double) L 1540 x W 650 x H 720 mm