King's Chair

Year : 2022

       The stool features a flat backrest and armrests with simple, square corners. Its three legs have a diameter of 10cm, giving it a thick and stable appearance that resembles a dignified throne. When seated, individuals tend to place their hands on the armrests, creating an imposing presence. Despite expectations, the stool is larger than anticipated, providing a unique sitting experience. The chair envelops you, providing a comfortable sitting experience based on the ‘tailor-made’ golden ratio.

       It is available in a range of styles, including dining chairs, single seats, and double seat leisure chairs with four legs, presenting a sophisticated yet rustic and natural appearance.

Material : Solid wood, Leather

Dimensions : (Single) L 890 x W 650 x H 720 mm
                     (Double) L 1540 x W 650 x H 720 mm