2024.03.04 ———— Interview  |  Italian design media designwanted in conversation with Femo Wong

    As the founder of Femo Design Studio, Femo Wong’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of the vibrant 90s era. With a rich repertoire of thousands of original designs, Wong embodies a deep understanding of modern design aesthetics and production technology. His creations exemplify a harmonious fusion of form, function, and cultural resonance.

    It was against this backdrop that I eagerly sought to engage in conversation with Femo Wong, a shining exemplar of cross-pollination and success, amidst an ever-expanding and diverse design milieu. As articulated aptly in our dialogue, Wong underscores the importance of continuous exploration within the global design arena, juxtaposed with the imperative to craft projects that resonate with the cultural and societal fabric of their origins. This perspective finds resonance particularly in light of varying consumption patterns and purchasing behaviors across different regions worldwide.

    In this article, I delve into Wong’s journey, exploring the inspirations, philosophies, and creative processes that define his work in the world of design.

Interview with Femo Wong by Italian design media designwanted

Editor: designwanted




2023.06.05 ———— Curatorial  |  "Stone Infinite X Stone Design in New Period" Theme Exhibition

The 23rd China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition will take place from June 05-08, 2023 at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition will feature two special sections: the Habitat Space Design Exhibition and the ‘Stone Infinite x Stone Design in New Period’ theme Exhibition. The aim of these sections is to revitalize the stone industry and facilitate its growth by discovering new opportunities.

The Habitat Space Design Exhibition is curated by Steve Leung, a leader in the design industry, along with a group of design elites including Lai Xudong, Du Heng, Hou Hou, Liu Daohua, Zhang Li, Zhu Xiaoming, Zhao Yiping, He Yongming, and Shen Kaohua. The exhibition aims to deconstruct the concept of stone in design and redefine it in terms of life.

Adjacent to the “Stone Infinite x Stone Design in New Period” theme exhibition, will be the 90s new designer Femo Wong as the main curator, through the link between the resources of emerging designers and stone manufacturers, to promote the stone industry to the new development.

As well as presenting 100 original stone-related products, the exhibition showcases the plasticity and diversity generated by the most powerful creative minds, reshaping the infinite possibilities of stone. The core value of “Stone Design in New Period” also lies in the promotion of creative transactions: designers provide companies with creative inspiration and creative solutions, and by precisely matching the resources of creative designers, more creative models are constructed for the application and product enhancement of stoneware itself.

Only creative ideas that can be landed can be turned into good products, and good products will continue to increase the value of the company. So this is not just an exhibition, but an ecological, closed-loop experiment in mutual empowerment between designers and manufacturers.

Stone Infinite X Stone Design in New Period

Curator : Femo Wong / Founder and Design Director, Femo Design

Time     : 2023.06.05 – 2023.06.08

Address: Hall A1, Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Xiamen, China

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2023.03.27 ———— Interview  |  "Designing Addict" Femo Wong: Sitting and Talking about Ideals

    This is the fifth year that we have known Femo Wong. We decided to write an article about him.

    Before we started writing, we chatted with a few of Femo Wong’s mutual friends in private letters, wanting to hear their comments on this 90s slash youth. The responses were unanimous: he treats his work like a wife. He works 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. How can he have always inexhaustible energy? We live in the same time zone, but there’s always a time difference whenever we contact each other, and he never seems to sleep. He has a true love for design ……

    Aside from these serious jokes, everyone mentioned his extreme planning and execution of his goals.

    Develop richer new products, provide better commercial design services for brands, better communicate the value of design, brush up more materials, make more friends, and make newer progress in school and work ……

    Femo Wong has so many little dreams.

    But these dreams don’t seem to be greedy. Because many of them have been or will be realized.

Femo Wong: Sitting down and talking about his ideals

Editor:Z MEDIA




2023.03.18 ———— Curatorial  |  The 3rd D2M Lab

All things compete for spring, the beginning of the year in March, a top brands compete for the spring show will also be held as scheduled. March 18-21, 28-31, 2023, China Foreign Trade Centre Group Limited under the 51st China National Expo (Guangzhou) will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou – Canton Fair, Poly World Trade Expo Centre. The new session of the exhibition will bring a different kind of novelty.

D2M Lab (Designers to Manufacturers Lab) is a global design trading platform organized by China National Exhibition (Guangzhou), with Femo Design Studio’s founder and design director Femo Wong as exhibition curator.

From 18 to 21 March 2023, the third “D2M Lab” will be held as scheduled at 12.2 A01, Area B of the 51st China National Expo (Guangzhou). The theme of this year’s event is “100 pieces of Chinese designers’ seating designs”, and three exciting sections, namely 100 pieces of Chinese designers’ seating designs, design bazaar and design forum, will be held simultaneously.

D2M Lab

Curator : Femo Wong / Founder and Design Director, Femo Design

Time      : 2023.03.18 – 03.21

Address : 12.2A01, Canton Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, China.

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2023.03.18 ———— Exhibition  |  Design Spring · China Housing and Furnishing Exposition " Contemporary Design Exhibition "

The 3rd Design Spring·Contemporary Design Exhibition at China National Expo 2003 is another event that will be held under a state of epidemic prevention and control. We are very much looking forward to this top event of original Chinese design.

The largest area is the “Brand Union” area. Taking the main brands of Chinese original design as the core, there are a total of 34 brands this year, accounting for 60% of the total area, and the veteran brands inside still maintain mature vitality, such as ” HAOstyle “, “YIFANG”, “U+”, “CAMERICH”, “Ziinlife”, “PuSu”, “ZIZAOSHE”, “HC28 COSMO”, “CHAHUI”, “FRANK CHOU” and so on.

Last year’s bamboo forest by Chi Wing Lo, Shen Bohong’s courtyard and Zhu Hui’s miniature architecture are still fresh in our minds, and we can’t wait to see what poetry and images they will create this year.

And almost all the brands will be showcasing their latest design concepts and achievements exclusively here.

This is also the core competitiveness of some important international design exhibitions, and Design Spring·China National Expo “Contemporary Design Exhibition” is gradually becoming the most important new product launch platform for Chinese original brands.

Design Spring·China Housing and Furnishing Exposition ” Contemporary Design Exhibition “

Organizer : CIFF Guangzhou

Time        : 2022.03.18 – 03.21

Address   : Hall 6.1-8.1, Zone A, Canton Fair Complex, Pazhou,Guangzhou, China.

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2023.03.16 ———— Interview  |  Femo Wong : My Museum Dream are Short of 9,000 Chairs

    The story of post-90s designer Femo Wong begins with his collection of beautiful chairs from around the world.

    He started collecting in 2014 and now has a total of 800 to 900 pieces of seating furniture, mainly from Denmark and Italy. In recent years, he has also started collecting products from Chinese designers, including lamps, coffee tables, sofas, tables and more than 1,600 other household products, and the collection is growing every month.

    “Chairs are an indispensable piece of furniture in our daily lives, and under the hand of the master designer, they are no longer ordinary household items, but ‘miniature architecture’, witnesses to the history of furniture design, and art collections that combine practicality and beauty. “When it comes to chairs, Femo Wong speaks at length as if he were counting his family’s treasures, and in his eyes, a seat of classic design runs through more than a hundred years of modern furniture development ……

Femo Wong : My Museum Dream are Short of 9,000 Chairs

Editor: Radius

Time: 2023.03.16


2022.09.05 ———— Forum  |  CIFF Shanghai x "Design without Boundaries & Fusion of East and West" Salon


At a time when Eastern and Western civilizations and ancient and modern cultural characteristics are converging, a salon on the theme of “Design Without Borders, Fusion of East and West”, organized by Zhiwei Home in collaboration with CIFF Shanghai, was a vivid footnote to the discussion of international oriental design.

According to Femo Wong, a 90s new designer who owns more than 1,000 pieces of domestic and international original design collections, and founder and design director of Femo Design. Design is a very internationalized language, and there is no need to force symbols on it. Oriental mood, culture and aesthetic viewpoints have a subtle influence on Chinese people, so the treatment of design can also be integrated, rather than being limited to certain geographical and stylistic categories.

As Zhao Wang Ke, in charge of China National Expo (Shanghai) and China Construction Expo (Shanghai) said, the Chinese must be able to tell their own story. Although the exhibition has been postponed and extended for various reasons over the past two years, or has been held online, the dual exhibition’s insistence on design and originality has never been abandoned. In the future, we hope to continue to do a good job of cultural heritage, so that more excellent Chinese products and brands can be seen by the world.

” Design without Boundaries & Fusion of East and West” Salon

Organizer : CIFF Shanghai / Z Media Home

Time        : 2022.09.05 – 09.08

Address  : Shanghai Hongqiao·National Convention and Exhibition Centre

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2022.08.30 ———— Communication  |  “FORSOME” Design Camp

What is the FORSOME?

Why do people gather on Shantang Street?

And what’s the deal with the design work camp?

Ancient city, young designers, Z Media, who have visited Suzhou many times for Suzhou International Design Week, our long-time friend Xiao Yan and Suzhou Hao Duan Zheng Culture gathered here. What’s brewing in a group of people?

When the Mystery Mission was announced, everyone was excited. Everyone was curious about the interesting stories that would happen when they came here in the name of design, and they looked forward to the possibility of becoming inextricably linked to this place through design.

The moment you step onto the stone path, everything slows down.

The old streets of Suzhou, a house and an old courtyard are kneaded by the undulating light of time and the silken threads of craftsmanship, and the contemporary expression of Chinese garden life is sung and recited.

An innovative appliance of cultural IP, a public welfare activity to renovate old houses, will herald the vivid reproduction of history and the glittering rebirth of tradition in the golden autumn.

FORSOME” Design Camp

Members : seven groups of designers from all over the country

Time       : 2022.08.30-09.01

Address  : Suzhou · Qilishantang

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2022.07.18 ———— Curatorial  |  The 2rd D2M Lab


D2M Lab (Designers to Manufacturers Lab) is a global design trading platform initiated by Femo Wong, founder and design director of Femo Design Studio.

This year’s CIFF (Guangzhou) continues to launch the D2M Lab sample plate, but also in the hope that in the new production and market environment, from the design side to the manufacturing side can be clearer without the need for “binoculars” to understand and cooperate with each other. The designs exhibited by Cometabolism Studio  , which participated in the offline exhibition of D2M Lab’s design platform in 2021, were selected by Galley all’s founder Wang Yu, and many of the new products designed by the studio can now be seen in Galley all’s exhibitions. This makes initiator Femo Wong deeply feel the importance of this platform, which enables resources to be effectively docked and value to be shared.

Design Bazaar, Original Design Exhibition and Design Forum are the three main parts of D2M Lab’s design platform. There are a total of 50 design bazaars, divided into online and offline modes, with the addition of a few more architects. Chongqing Jade Simple Design(JSD) was invited to design the exhibition area.

The 2rd D2M Lab

Curator : Femo Wong / Founder of Femo Design

Time      : 2022.07.17 – 07.20

Address : Area B, Canton Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, China

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2022.07.08 ———— Exhibition  |  "Between Illusion & Reality" - INTERNI Sustainable Design Theme Exhibition

From 8 to 11 July 2022, INTERNI’s sustainable design theme exhibition “Between Illusion and Reality” will officially meet the public. Co-organized by China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) and INTERNI Design Era, the exhibition consists of three sections: International Classic Architecture, Contemporary Art Installation and Young Emerging Forces, showcasing new breakthroughs in architecture, art and design under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development and new heights of “beauty between Illusion and reality”.

Traditional architecture and art of the beauty of reality, mostly focused on modelling, in the “virtual space” and “real subject” to form a mutual flow of interaction between the geometric purity and spatial openness to make the viewer feel the beauty of the ethereal, but also to let people in the aesthetic spirit of the experience at the same time to appreciate the more far-reaching implications.

Today, people from all walks of life are constantly exploring sustainable development issues such as energy reduction, land use, material recycling, intelligent systems, cultural rejuvenation, passive energy strategies and reducing the carbon footprint of production processes…… Architects, designers and artists have gained more knowledge and inspiration and have continuously enriched and transcended the meaning of “the beauty of the real and the imaginary” to create more classic works.

We marvel at the conviction and strength of the creators: if the ‘virtual’ is the magnificent imagery of the vision of a homeland for mankind and the groundbreaking solutions to major human problems, the ‘real’ is the continuous exploration of cutting-edge technologies, materials and structures and their application. The pioneers continue to reap the benefits of both thought and practice.

“Between Reality and Reality” Design Exhibition

Organizer : China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) / INTERNI Design Times

Time          : 2022.07.08 – 07.11

Address   : Guangzhou·Canton Fair Complex, Area B, 11.2 Conference Forum Area

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2022.04.01 ———— Recruitment  |  It's a big world, come and visit Femo
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2021.12.26 ———— Curatorial  |  The New Trendy Stone Design Store

China is a large manufacturing country, Quanzhou is the birthplace of the Maritime Silk Road and has been an important international trading port since ancient times. Based on this, China Nan’an is the second largest concentration of pan-furniture industry in China, with stone, plumbing, sanitary ware, metal, ceramic tiles, carving, tea life ware and other industrial clusters. It is in the critical period of upgrading from “Made in China” to “China Intelligent Manufacturing” and “Better Life”.

Shuitou, “the port of distribution of goods by water”, is connected to “Shijing” in the south and “Guanqiao” in the north, and has been associated with “stone” and “trade” since the beginning of history. It has been associated with “stone” and “trade” since the beginning of history. Stone industry in Shuitou has long been in an unshakable pillar industry, but also the world’s most concentrated, most active, most complete industry chain, the largest stone trading capital, so known as “the world’s stone capital”.

Based on the world’s stone capital – China Shuitou, focusing on the international, China (Na’nan) Shuitou International Stone Fair and Stone Design Week after 22 years of development, has become the world’s stone industry’s most authoritative, the most comprehensive, the most commercial value of one of the stone professional exhibitions, for the world’s public construction, private housing and other types of projects to select materials for material supply for the stone wholesalers, real estate, culture and tourism, designers, consumers and other integrated demand for one-stop solution.

In 2019, Shuitou Stone Fair will be upgraded to “Stone Design Week”, in line with the trend of the times and the wave of new consumption, comprehensively shifting to “design” as the driving force of the industry, with the integration of mines, technological ingenuity, integration mode and marketing innovation as the main content. 2021, China (Nan’an) Shuitou International Stone Fair and Stone Design Week was held in 2021. In 2021, China (Nan’an) Shuitou International Stone Fair and Stone Design Week exhibition area totaling 85,000 square meters, and establish a permanent design IP zone in addition to the trade exhibition area, for the “industry + design” to insert the wings of take-off.

The New Trendy Stone Design Shop

Curator  : Femo Wong / Guo Kunzhong

Time      : 2021.12.26 – 12.29

Address : Nan’an-Shuitou Stone Industry Exhibition and Operation Centre, China

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2021.10.22 ———— Curatorial  |  50+50 Original Furniture Design Exhibition

The first Greater Bay Area Fashion & Home Design Week has come to an end. The 50+50 Original Furniture Design Exhibition, part of the 10+ Theme & Brand Exhibition, selects 50 outstanding and classic chairs from abroad as well as 50 local representative chairs from China to create more excitement from the intersection of East and West, and to showcase the power of Chinese product designers today.

For the Greater Bay Area Fashion & Home Design Week, we are launching “50+50 for Sitting·Chair Exhibition” at the exhibition What is 50+50?

In fact, we have selected 50 outstanding and classic chair designs from abroad and 50 representative chair designs from China, so that the meeting of East and West can produce more excitement, and at the same time, show the power of Chinese product designers nowadays.

With the rapid development of the times, China’s designers are getting better and better, and some young product designers are emerging one after another. We invited and selected 50 individual and original product designs through a nationwide selection process.

The purpose of the theme exhibition is to promote the power of Chinese design, so that Chinese furniture manufacturers can also find excellent designers among them, and at the same time, through cooperation with designers, can produce more excellent furniture works, satisfying the living furniture demands of today’s society, and attracting more people to pay for Chinese originality.

We hope that the 50+50 thematic exhibition section of the Greater Bay Area Fashion & Home Design Week will create a different phenomenon every year, focusing on the attractions of the Greater Bay Area Fashion & Home Design Week. In the future, we also hope to bring our products to Europe for exhibition, to showcase the current design power and at the same time help discover the power of Chinese design.

50+50 Original Furniture Design Exhibition

Curator : Femo Wong / Gary Zeng

Time     : 2021.10.22 – 10.24

Address:China·Guzhen – Lihe Lighting Expo Centre

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2021.09.25 ———— New Book  |  Designing Artisan's Alley Published x Chi Wing Lo Work Camp

After the Shanghai Exhibition in September 2019,Chi Wing Lo started to write the book manuscript with the 25 participants of the exhibition. During this time, we experienced the global epidemic outbreak, and all the details of the book’s text, images and design were communicated and completed online. This WeChat text spans the Eurasian continent, recording the words exchanged between teachers and students and this extraordinary time.

Designing Artisan’s Alley Published

Author  : Chi Wing Lo

Time     : 25,September,2021 14:00pm

Address:deaPod Guomao (First Floor, Building 3, Langyuan Vintage, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

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2021.07.23 ———— Interview  |  A Life Changed by a Chair

    Femo Wong originally studied architecture and environmental design. At that time, his idea was very simple. he thought it would be very fulfilling to walk down the street, point to a cool building and tell others, “That’s the work I’ve helped to design”.

    At an exhibition he saw Danish designer Jacob Jorgensen’s “Noah’s Ark”. It is a stunning lounge chair, the seat made of 28 curved composite planks, each strip of wood on either side of the slide, firmly joined together but able to be pushed and pulled freely, transforming into different shapes such as the surface of an egg, the hull of a ship.

    “I stood in front of it for a long time with red eyes. Although I had seen it before in photographs, the real thing gave a completely different feeling. What moved him was not only the designer’s brilliant creativity, but also the company’s willingness to make the design a reality.

Interview with Femo Wong, a new designer of the 90s

Feature planning: Southern Metropolis Weekly Editorial Department

Writing: Southern Metropolis Weekly Editorial Reporter  Hu Wenwen

Photography: Lu Huiming  Illustration | Li Zhe

Editor: Yang Wenjin




2021.03.18 ———— Curatorial  |  The 1st D2M Lab


Going back to the origin of design, design, manufacturing, life, industry and future are smoothly screwed together. With years of accumulated professionalism and sharp vision, Femo Wong and Chen Qili try their best to discover each individual worth exploring, help them release their potential value and present it accurately. At the same time, more and more companies have the opportunity to deeply understand the value and driving force of design and find the direction for their product development.

With both ordinary and extraordinary expectations, D2M Lab’s design action is also sustainable. On the one hand, it brings more excellent domestic designers to the forefront and attracts excellent foreign designers to the country to expand their business; on the other hand, it makes up for the lack of design in Chinese factories, thus accelerating the transformation of the domestic manufacturing industry.

From the niche to the masses, from the hall of fame to everyday life, original design has gone through the baptism from creation to reality in the long river of time, and is now more grounded and in need of fertile soil to nurture new life.

The 1st D2M Lab

Curator :Femo Wong / Chen Qili

Time     : 2021.03.18 – 03.21

Address:Area B, Canton Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, China

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2020.11.26 ———— Exhibition  |  2020 Emerging Chinese Designers

China Design Rising Stars, initiated by AD and Design Shanghai, is now in its 6th year. From the hundreds of entries, we have seen that China’s young design power is becoming more and more diversified. After careful selection by the jury, the top ten “2020 Chinese Emerging Designers”are finally born!

As the home furnishings market becomes saturated, design focused on the “first look” will be fleeting; as artificial intelligence infiltrates traditional modelling design, standing at the starting point of 2020, we try to ask: what exactly is the role of the future designer? Some will delve into the manufacturing process, exploring new possibilities of traditional crafts and materials; others will invest in new technologies, allowing engineering and technology to flourish through emotional design…… No longer chasing dogmatic standard answers, they are developing their own design style in the new world culture. Their design faces are fresh, profound and long-term.

2020 Emerging Chinese Designers

Curator : Atlas Studio

Time     : 2020.11.26 – 11.29

Address:Booth C102, Hall 1, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre, Shanghai, China.

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2020.10.18 ———— Curatorial  |  Watching vicissitudes of life while sitting on a chair

Inside most of us there is a chair that is “full of ideals and warmth”, it can be big or small, tangible or intangible. For people, a chair is an indispensable piece of furniture that plays an irreplaceable role in both work and life.

In ancient times in the West, the chair was considered a luxury, only the nobility could have, until the nineteenth century, the chair in the ordinary family. In China, the name “chair” first appeared in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, the Han people footstool or high-backed chair were more common, the name of chair has appeared, but not yet completely separated from the concept of bed.

As people’s aspirations in life change, so do the types of chairs that designers create, from appearance to body, from practicality to beauty and durability. The passage of time takes away the anonymous and leaves behind the classic and the eternal.

Time flies. The world is changing, only a person with a dream can sit and watch the vicissitudes of life, not rejoicing in external gains, not saddened by personal losses. May each person’s heart have a “chair” of its own, which can withstand the storms of life, sit and enjoy the comfortable “chair”, both to warm themselves and others.

Watching vicissitudes of life while sitting on a chair

Curator : Liang Jianguo / Zhang Huanrong / Femo Wong

Time     : 2020.10.18 – 11.15

Address: W301/W302 of 3rd Floor, West Side of No.1588 Riverside Promenade, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

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2020.08.18 ———— Curatorial  |  Shrinking Architecture


The epitome of architecture, witness to the times, crystallization of culture, expression of aesthetics …… interacts the temperature of people and the world between the fusion of craftsmanship, structure, material and design.

A lot of big and distant buzzwords come together in a chair. When you think about it, the value and significance it holds is not as simple as ‘sitting’ – it inspires design thinking, promotes material innovation and drives technological progress……. Perhaps it is also an important milestone in the evolution of human civilization. It is also an important milestone in the progress of human civilization.

The 43rd/44th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition will be held from 18 to 22 August at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre in Houjie, Dongguan. The exhibition’s new IP theme zone, “Design Dongguan”, will see the first collective debut of the “Shrinking Architecture” collection exhibition and 120 individual chairs with their own characteristics.

Shrinking Architecture

Curator : Femo Wong / Founder of Femo Design

Time     : 2020.08.18 – 08.22

Address:Houjie, Dongguan · Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre, Hall 1.2

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2019.09.08 ———— Exhibition  |  Shanghai (:East:) Design Fair

In September 2019, Femo Design brought the masterpieces of our studio to meet you all at one of the theme exhibitions of the Shanghai (:East:) Design Fair, the Youth Bazaar. As a studio with a modern design style, we took this tone seriously when selecting our products and combined it with this year’s theme – “The chairs we sat in all those years”.

Shanghai (:East:) Design Fair

Curator : Zhu Xiaojie / Hou Zhengguang

Time     : 2019.09.08-09.11

Address:Shanghai Hongqiao · National Convention and Exhibition Centre

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2018.01.07 ———— Exhibition  |  Zhuhai "Five Senses Awakening" Design Exhibition

On 7 January 2018, Five Senses Awakening, a group exhibition of more than 30 emerging Chinese designers, will open at the Boundless Art Museum in Zhuhai, a two-hour drive from Shenzhen. The exhibition is divided into six sections: furniture, products, jewellery, vessels, sculpture and decoration, and media, and attempts to develop a relatively independent design system in the context of contemporary Chinese society from the broad concept of “design”.

It is true that the ‘design’ we talk about today is an imported term that came to the West at the beginning of the 20th century. “The shift from traditional applied arts to modern design marked a break with tradition and a radical paradigm shift. As the art historian Boris Groys powerfully points out, this “paradigm shift” is often overlooked. Instead, “design is often understood as an epiphany of the omnipresent market, of exchange value, of commodity fetishism, of landscape society – because it creates a seductive surface behind which the thing itself is not only invisible, but disappears altogether. “

“Five Senses Awakening” Design Exhibition

Curator :Li Ping Li / Qu Zheng / Tang Zhiwen

Time     : 2018.01.07 – 2018.02.01

Address:Zhuhai Boundless Art Museum

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