Sculpture Floor Lamp ​

Year : 2022

     The Sculpture Floor Lamp is part of the Sculpture series of lamps and lanterns. It combines minimalist geometric design with the natural texture of marble, creating a pleasing sculptural aesthetic.

     The lamp base is made of stone and features three smooth facets of varying heights, resembling a sharp pencil tip. This design replaces the previous cylindrical or inverted hemispherical structure of the marble lamp base, resulting in a more visually dynamic play of natural light and shadow.

     The lamp is topped with a white fabric shade that sits on the marble base and surrounds the bulb. When the switch is turned on, the soft light flows along the wall of the cylindrical cover, converging attention and lightly sprinkling on the base cut-out. This makes the outline of the lamp brighter and more three-dimensional, giving it the appearance of a sculpture and bringing a touch of futuristic visual mood to the space.

     The lamp’s simple structure and design make it suitable for both home and commercial use, such as in cafes, libraries, and offices.

Material : White Carrara Marble ,  Cloth Cover

Dimensions : (Large) Φ 600 x H 1200 mm
                     (Small) Φ 450 x H 1300 mm