Sculpture Side Table

Year : 2021

     Each piece of marble is cut into a cylindrical shape through a wire saw cutting, and then divided into two sculptural side tables through a “Z” cut, reflecting the designer’s dedication to making the best use of the material. The hemispherical table top and the hollow recesses of the side table are carved and processed by CNC machining, and then polished smooth by hand. The flat semicircle can hold wine glasses and other utensils, while the recessed semicircle serves as a storage space for small objects such as keys. As can be seen in the overhead view, the planar composition of the two semicircles is not equidistant, but breaks the balance of symmetry by cutting one large and one small. The side table is simple and elegant, with a sculptural aesthetic.

Material : Marble

Dimensions : L 350 x W 350 x H 500 mm