Sculpture Side Table

Year : 2021

       The marble is initially cut into a cylindrical shape using a rope saw process. It is then split into two sculptural side tables through a Z-shaped cutting, reflecting the designer’s aim to maximize resource utilization. The hemispherical tabletop and the hollowed-out depression are carved and processed by CNC, and then smoothed by manual polishing. The Sculpture Side Table has a flat semicircle that can hold wine glasses and other utensils, and a concave semicircle that serves as a storage space for small items such as keys. The composition of these two semicircles is not evenly divided, but is broken by a larger and smaller cutting method, breaking the symmetrical balance. The table has a simple and elegant design, with geometric shapes that are rich in sculptural beauty.

Material : Marble

Dimensions : L 350 x W 350 x H 500 mm