Snake Chair

Year :2024

     The design of the Snake Chair is inspired by the sinuous shape of a snake’s body, while incorporating elements of modern minimalism, both progressive and profound, creating the soft and dynamic appearance of the Snake Chair, which is both interesting and rich in modernity.

    The frame is a cut-off “0” structure, the cut-off opening is raised and the body resembles the dynamically curved torso of a snake. The metal skeleton, combined with foam padding and selected fabrics and leathers, enhances comfort and relaxation. The raised cut-outs tilt backwards and can be used as backrests or armrests, providing a versatile seating experience.

     The Snake Chair is sized to fit most spaces, whether living room, lounge or hotel, and the wide range of fabrics available allows it to be a visual and functional addition to the room.

Material : Foam, Stretch fabric

Dimensions : L 873 x W 1087 x H 786 mm