Starfish Chair

Year : 2016

       Environmental protection is a pressing social issue that concerns us all. In this era of resource scarcity, renovating old materials is an effective way to reduce waste and support low-carbon environmental protection.

       The Starfish Chair is a creative achievement that promotes environmental protection through practical action. The star-shaped structure of the discarded office chair base can be repurposed into a fun children’s chair through concatenation and simple processing. The design and processing of the chair follow a minimalist aesthetic.

       The Starfish Chair was designed for the Qumei Old Property Renovation Public Welfare Project. It was created by collecting materials from the factory and transforming them into a children’s chair within an hour. The chair was then polished and sprayed with colors. The entire process, from conceptualization to completion, took less than 24 hours, making it the most efficient chair design in my work.

Material :  Waste seat base

Dimensions :  L 540 x W 465 x H 520 mm