Toucan Table Lamp

Year : 2023

      The design of the Toucan Table Lamp is inspired by the toucan in the rainforest, and the designer abstracts the shape of the bird using the Fibonacci Sequence to make subtle and precise adjustments to the design of the body, making the overall proportions more coordinated. The shape is playful and austere, like a delicate sculpture.

      The bird’s beak leans forward as if it were about to spread its wings and fly; the visual imbalance makes the lamp appear more lively, while the solid marble base ensures its dynamic stability. The brass shade imitates the shape of a bird’s beak, with an inlaid white acrylic shade. A trapezoidal groove carved into the edge of the metal interior allows the curved concave structure at the bottom of the shade to be securely embedded in the beak without the need for screws. When the switch is turned on, the soft light emitted by the shade contrasts with the solidity of the marble, enhancing the smoothness and warmth of the texture both visually and tactilely.

     A work of art that combines mathematical aesthetics with natural inspiration, the Toucan Table Lamp can be used as a desk lamp or as ambient lighting in the bedroom or living room, filling any space with a free and spontaneous artistic atmosphere.

Material :Marble,Brass, Acrylic

Dimensions :L 486  x W 125 x H 350 mm