Branch Bench

Year : 2022

      The Branch Bench is supported by four Y-shape metal legs, which are connected vertically on both sides by a T-shape. The iconic branch-like structure brings a tree-like vitality to the stool. Unlike the Branch Table, the two adjacent legs share the same piece of metal, which are perfectly connected and parallel to the ground. With the legs extending like slender branches, firmly supporting the natural oak seat, the bench strikes a perfect balance between rusticity and dynamism. Like lush branches crossing together, while adding recognition to the product, it maintains a high degree of stability.

      With a simple seat, the product is light and elegant. It can be used alone as a bench foe shoe changing in the entrance hall, or with the Branch Table as a dining bench.

Material : Imported oak, Metal

Dimensions : L 1800 x W 350 x H 460 mm