Trophy Cup

Year :  2022

      The Original Product Festival —— The Original TOP100 Award Trophy recognizes designers’ original design achievements. The minimalist design style is evident in the hexagonal prism shape, which was derived from bamboo slips and reshaped into six equal triangular prisms through ingenious cutting and combining. Leather is used to enclose the six triangular prisms on the outside to ensure overall structural strength and stability, while providing a more comfortable and ergonomic.

      Unlike previous trophy designs, this trophy conceals information on its surface in a subtle way. The winner’s message is engraved on the inside of the trophy using laser engraving technology, which can only be opened to reveal the subtle details.The colour of the leather on the outside distinguishes the categories of the award, a unique idea that breaks the stereotype of conventional trophies and makes each trophy a unique work of art, while echoing the uniqueness of each designer.

Material :Leather, wood

Dimensions :Φ 70 x H 220 mm